Automation Ca​se St​udies

Industrial Automation based on Arduino or Raspberry Pi

Automation keeps growing in all industrial sectors, home automation applications, large buildings, smart cities... Some of our customers have shared with us their Arduino PLCs based automation solutions or projects. Below you will find the most outstanding ones.

Control Case Studies

Use the Arduino PLC or the Raspberry Pi to control your equipment, installation or machinery

Control elements are an essential part in multiple kinds of installations, in any type of machine and in production lines. Our equipment is used as a part of control in the following case studies, where different elements act by analog, digital or relay signal.

Monitoring Case Studies

With Arduino PLCs or Raspberry Pi Panel PCs keep an eye on your KPIs

With the first foot already on Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things, Big Data or Cloud Computing (to name the most relevant examples), optimal data management is essential for better decision making.

The monitoring of KPIs must make us improve or optimize our production systems, anticipate maintenance interventions to reduce costs and extend the useful life of our machinery, better control the flow of stocks and ultimately be able to have a great photo of our plants or facilities, with the possibility of accessing the most specific detail in an easy, fast, interactive and multi-platform way.