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Arduino, Raspberry Pi and ESP32 for industrial monitoring, control & automation.

Industrial Raspberry Pi PLC | Industrial PLC and Panel PC based on Raspberry Pi 

PLC industrial Raspberry Pi

The industrial controller PLC solution with original Raspberry Pi board. 

  • 2 x RS-485
  • 2 x Ethernet
  • UPS
  • RTC
  • 1x I2C
  • 1x Serial TTL
  • 1x SPI
  • MicroSD Slot
  • 2x MicroHDMI

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Touchberry Panel PC industrial

HMI solution for monitoring and control your production lines, machines or installations.

  • Industrial grade: robust, reliable, versatile and maintenance-free.
  • Different operating systems available: Raspberry Pi OS (Raspbian), Linux or Android.
  • Resistive Multitouch LVDS, 315 nits
  • 1280x720, 170º viewing angle

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Industrial Arduino PLC Control | Controllers range based on Arduino boards

20 IOS Programmable Logic Controller

With Arduino Leonardo

20 IOS Programmable Logic Controller

Up to 20 inputs and outputs.

Digital, Analog and Relay IOs to ensure you can work with multiple options available.
Industrial Protocols available:
RS485 · RS232 · SPI · I2C · Modbus RTU

Ethernet PLC Controller with up to 58 IOs

With Arduino MEGA

Ethernet Programmable Logic Controller range

Multiple protocols and  other options at your disposal

LoRa - Long Range solution.
WiFi - Wireless option.
GPRS - If there's no option to have a physical support.
DALI - Lighting protocol for specific solutions.

ESP32 controller PLC Range  | Up 58 Inputs & Outputs and industrial communications

A powerful and versatile board, ideal for industrial solutions of monitoring, control and automation.

The ESP32 board comes with two cores that allows you to separate the functions to:

  • Inputs and Outputs
  • Communications

By doing like this, you can manage more data and do it faster.

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