Automation, monitoring or control?

With the Industrial Raspberry Pi PLC you can get it all

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All in one  - From Gateway to PLC

With the industrial Raspberry Pi PLC, you have everything in just One Device.

All in One - PLC PC Router

With the Raspberry PLC you can monitor all types of installations, machines, elements.

Having the right information will allow you to make better and faster decisions. Impacting in: better quality, cost reduction, avoiding unnecessary and unwanted stops, anticipating maintenance, and a long etcetera depending on the sector in which we move.

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Machine monitoring. Why?

Understand how the monitoring of your machinery can impact your business.


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Data Acquisition

Start to acquire relevant data and convert it to useful information for you or your customers. Better and faster decisions will arise.


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Smart Farming

This is also about being more sustainable and efficient when operating small, medium or large farms and crops.


Raspberry Pi PLC Product Range

PLC Raspberry Pi Highlights for Raspberry Pi industrial Projects

The PLC Raspberry Pi has the most important features to improve speed process, use a wide range of connections and secure your data and your operating system.


Secure your operating system, your current processes and your data with an uninterrupted power supply that guarantees a clean shutdown in case of a power failure.


The Raspberry Pi PLC allows high speed processing compared to most common PLCs.


Work with applications in real time and allowing multiprocess with this programmable logic controller.


A great number of applications require working  with RTC. The PLC Raspberry Pi allows you the use of this feature with the internal clock that guarantees the current time and date to keep track of the right time.

LINUX or Raspberry Pi OS (previously called Raspbian)

All the power, flexibility, and features of the Linux Operating System. Use Linux or Raspberry Pi OS (previously called Raspbian), the Debian-based solution from Raspberry Pi industrial.


Thanks to the dual Ethernet ports, the dual RS-485, WiFI, Bluetooth, and other options, you can connect to numerous devices and to use multiple protocols and communication ports.

Up to 36 Digital Inputs
Up to 16 Analog Inputs

Up to 22 Digital Outputs
Up to 8 Analog Outputs

Up to 23 Relays
Up to 6 Interrupt Inputs

Industrial PLC based on Raspberry Pi

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