Smart Farming

The Benefits of Automation and Monitoring.

Protect and improve your farm and harvest.

Collecting Data

Collecting Data

Monitoring and collecting data for soil moisture, air temperature, humidity, and sunshine intensity on several fields would enhance the efficiency of water consumption and crop output on both large and small farms.

Farming and food production must grow along with the world's population. This boost in efficiency and output will be enabled by low-cost sensors, data insights, and IoT platforms.

Environmental Footprint

All conservation actions, such as reducing water consumption and increasing productivity per unit of land, have a beneficial impact on the environmental footprint.

More and best production

Analysis production quality and outcomes in connection to treatment might teach farmers how to improve product quality by adjusting methods.

Water Consumption

Water may be used just when and where it is required, thanks to weather forecasting and soil moisture sensors.

Real time decisions

Farmers may view production levels, soil moisture, sunshine intensity, and other factors in real time and remotely to help them make better decisions.

Equipment Monitoring

Farming equipment can be monitored and maintained based on output rates, labor efficiency, and failure prediction.

Remote Monitoring

Local and commercial farmers can use an internet connection to monitor many fields in different places across the world. Decisions may be taken in real time from anywhere.

Improved Livestock

Animal reproductive and health events can be detected sooner using sensors and equipment. Location tracking using geofencing can also help with livestock monitoring and management.

Important Savings

Automated planting, treatment, and harvesting processes can reduce resource consumption, human error and overall cost.

Impact the Production

Crop treatment, such as accurate planting, watering, pesticide application, and harvesting, has a direct impact on output rates.

IoT and Farming, an Unbeatable Team

Thanks to low-cost sensors and IoT platform deployment, the Internet of Things has significantly benefited many industries by providing data collecting, real-time insight, and process automation.
As seen from the benefits listed above, the agriculture and farming industries as a whole can profit greatly from the installation of such an IoT solution or platform.

A smart agriculture solution is not only today's creative farming technology; it is also the crucial response to the rising worry about food consumption and the environmental footprint of the world's population.

IoT and Farming, an Unbeatable Team
What an Industrial Controller can do for me?

What can an Industrial Controller do for me?

1. Automate
Many tasks can be automated, thereby reducing time, resources and costs.
2. Monitor
It is important to know what is going on, by relying on monitoring systems and concentrating on taking actions based on the information received.
3. Control
Turn on and turn off devices at your disposal using your smartphone, PC, tablet or control panel. Save time and resources without the need to be everywhere all the time.

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Farming monitoring with Industrial Controllers
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