Automation of logistics using a Raspberry PLC

Industrial Raspberry Controller for Logistics Automation

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Nowadays, if a company wants to compete in the market, apart from offering a good product, it has to do so in the shortest time.

One of the best ways to reduce time is to optimize processes in order to achieve the maximum in the shortest possible time.

It has been demonstrated that the optimum automation, which is the most viable and has the greatest potential for logistics, is to apply the use of electronic systems or elements to improve its operation. 

Automation of logistics using a Raspberry PLC

The different stages of the material collection and distribution process can be controlled using sensors.

Furthermore, if we add communication elements to the above, an obsolete operation can become a leader in the 4.0 industry.


The objective here is the development and optimization of a logistics warehouse using Industrial Shields Raspberry Pi based PLCs.

Our intention is to introduce an automatic management for the distribution of the packages when they enter: they will be sorted according to desired patterns and stored so that their location is known at all times.

In addition, it is intended to develop a server to store data and have remote control from anywhere. 

Thanks to the power of the industrial Raspberry Pi PLC, all these goals can be achieved with a rapid implementation of the components.

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