How to automate a Pig Farm with an Arduino PLC Controller

Automate Installations with Open Source based Hardware

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Arduino PLC industrial, Raspberry Pi Panel PC and Wi-Fi.

Tools to make it work.

This time, we will introduce the Industrial Shields® technology to the farm sector. We are going to control and monitor a pig farm using an industrial PLC Arduino and a PC Panel connected  to Wi-Fi, which can collect information from the system, store it into a server and analyze it.

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How to automate a Pig Farm with a PLC controller Arduino
How to automate a Pig Farm with a PLC controller Arduino

Pig Farmers

Today, meat producers can see that the demand for their products is increasing due to the world population growth and prosperity. Food quality and safety standards are also becoming more stringent, while the costs of raw materials, labour and energy are rising.

The sector faces the challenge of producing enough safe, affordable and sustainable food of guaranteed quality, using efficient methods.

Our Project Goal

Industrial Shields facilitates both environmental control for improved animal welfare -such as management, automation and optimization systems- and information exchange in the process chain.

We also offer technical solutions that allow you to control the individual welfare of your animals, their production and condition, so that the business of livestock producers can grow sustainably.

Our system will take care of the control of different actions such as the air conditioning of the enclosure, so that the animal lives in optimal conditions. As well as its feeding by performing an exact weighing of both water and food in order to ensure its proper growth, which also allows us to have the inventory at all times. 

Another important aspect to take into account is the concentration of CO2 and ammonia, which are very harmful gases for the animals. For this we need an extraction system in combination with filters to guarantee air quality in the enclosure as well as not expelling it into the environment.

Finally, we need to do a scheduled cleaning of each cage and also control the opening of the doors.

Keep in mind that this is a generic idea, easily expandable by adding parameters to control depending on the needs and tastes of each customer.

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