Restaurant Ordering System with WiFi PLC Arduino

Using Industrial Controller based Open Source Hardware for professional solutions
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Industrial Arduino for Restaurants

This project is designed to make an order system for restaurants, capable to be adapted to different needs and made to fit in the modern restaurant sector of nowadays.

The system will be automated using an industrial PLC Arduino as the center of control and data bank, a switch, and some PC Panels for monitoring and interacting with the information input-output feed. 

This application is created to work with two types of connection, Ethernet and WiFi, and it will be necessary an MQTT server connected through a VPN to the WiFi Arduino Industrial PLC. This database could be shown on several Panel PC s based on Raspberry Pi3 that will monitor all the information.

Using Wi-Fi Arduino PLC

The system will follow some defined patterns. The clients will have at their disposal three different ways to order the food; through the classic Q&A model, using their own mobiles or tablets inside the establishment through a brand-new order application, or the delivery method using the website or calling to the restaurant phone number.

All this information will be sent to an Arduino PLC through WiFi or Ethernet connection, where the information will be processed. The Controller Arduino will be connected to a switch through Ethernet cable and this to several industrial Panel PCs to monitor all the orders.

The screens will be distributed on the kitchen and the order preparation area.

The interface of the industrial Panel PCs will be easy to use. It is made with Node-RED, and the restaurant workers will be able to introduce information and interact with the panels, to ensure that the orders always follow the right way until be prepared for the client. In the takeaway food case, to be delivered and tracking all the process. 


The main points to achieve are the following:

  • Restaurant order system semi-automation. 
  • All processes controlled and monitored all the time. 
  • Easy management; through the Arduino PLC, the Panel PC, even so, using a mobile phone or a tablet.


  • Divided labor camps respect the monitoring interface (the cooks and the preparation area workers will have their own proper interface).  
  • Provide to clients the maximum and easier number of ordering ways. 
  • Adaptability; the system could be modified in respect to the hardware and reprogrammed in respect to the software to adapt to every little change.

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