Industrial Automation with Industrial Arduino

Industrial Automation needs hardware ready to use according to their needs. The industrial PLC Arduino is a great option to fulfill these needs.

Flexibility, safety, robustness and price. 

PLC Arduino for industrial automation

Open Source Hardware ready to use on industrial environments lets you automate installations and production plans. The controller Arduino usually lets you use Open Source Software, what means that your costs on program, monitoring and data platforms is low in comparison with using other “private” platforms.

There are a lot of Open Source Platforms available for monitoring Installations using industrial controllers.

There are different devices ready to use according to your technical needs. All of them offer you enough flexibility to automate your production plan step by step, adapted to your production volume at the moment.

Industry 4.0 needs to be developed with minimum cost. Let small business have big competences and 100% of benefits from the beginning.

It is possible to have your installation under control using different devices: Panel PCs, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, etc.




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Industrial Shields: the safest way to use Open Source Technology on the Industry

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