How to Monitor Autonomous Solar Panels with Arduino PLC

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Monitoring Solar Panels with Arduino PLC

The purpose of solar panels is to generate electricity using photons from the sun.

Solar energy is most efficient if the panels are controlled by two linear motors each. One for the 'x' axis and the other for the 'y' axis; this way they can take advantage of the weather conditions and all hours of sunshine during the days.

Industrial monitoring with Arduino for Solar Panels

Advantages of Monitoring


Knowing the current status of weather conditions and the position of the photovoltaic panels at all times.

Energy production

Production of necessary and also extra energy,  

Reliable system

Having good system viability and reliability and long controller life.


Knowing the amount of energy and other data at any time and have it in the cloud.


of maintenances costs.


The aim of this project is to track the movement of the sun in order to:

  • make better use of its light and

  • generate more energy.

Solar panels operated by PLC controllers can generate up to 30% more energy than static panels. 

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Industrial monitoring with Arduino for Solar Panels

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