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1. Industrial Equipment based on Arduino and Raspberry Pi. The Liberalization of the Industry with Open Source Technology.

10. LIBRARIES, COMMUNICATIONS, PROTOCOLS With our PLC’s you can communicate using several protocols like RS-232, RS-485, Modbus TCP, or using ethernet, etc. It’s possible to send and receive information from several server types (HTTP, NTP, MQTT) or DB Servers. Available Libraries in our Blog and GitHub

12. SOFTWARE Arduino IDE is the Original platform to program Arduino boards Our Arduino based PLCs use Original Arduino boards assembled inside all devices Free software licenses  Standard Libraries available Documentation and examples available, ready to use Industrial Shields libraries available to facilitate the programming of our PLC's NodeRED. Platform to develop Apps, Servers, Dashboards and more. Node-Red is a programming tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways. It is very intuitive, easy and fast-programming. It is an excellent tool for working graphically. It provides a browser-based editor that makes it easy to wire together flows using nodes. Online debugging aplication Our PLC's can be programmed with all software platforms compatible with Arduino IDE. Our Panel PC's can work with Linux and Android, it means that If your team have knowledge enough you can create a custom applications for the Panel PC's. You have more flexibility to fit the needs of your installation or application. Electron · Codebender · Stino · Eclipse · Visual Studio · Gedit · Komodo Edit · MariaMole · Zeus · Atmel Studio · AVR-GCC · CodeBlocks · ROBOTC for Arduino · Xcode · ArduinoDroid · Notepad++ · Programino · and more...

15. Contact with us, let's get in touch CONTACT WITH US Industrial Shields has been working worldwide through distributors, or in direct contact with the customers. We have been working since 2016 with big players of the market that are selling our products in their websites. Our commercial, technical and support team will assist you by phone, email, skype; or using the ticket system or chat directly in our website. Get in touch with us, we are here, glad to help and support you. Fabrica del Pont 1-11  (Recinte industrial del Pont Vell) Sant Fruitós de Bages 08272 (Barcelona) Spain Tel: (+34) 938 760 191 Presence in more than 85 countries IS - Corporate -201907

13. Bigdata Cloud Computing Flexible Hardware Industrial Internet of Things Incompliance with : EN61010-1 | EN61010-2-201 | EN61131-2:2007 (Clause 8: Zone A/B EMC and clause 11:LVD) | EN61000-6-4:2007 + A1 2011 (Emissions) | EN 61000-6-2:2005 (Inmunity) | EMC: FCC Part 15 COMPANY Industrial Shields was born in October 2012 from the hand of an engineer, who, searching for a more flexible PLC equipment and a better price, decided to develop its own solution using Open Source Hardware. Therefore Industrial Shields is the brand that provides Open Source Hardware for industrial use, including all design and safety required, combining the best of two worlds. Industrial Shields, designs, produces and markets the range of products based on Open Source Hardware . Boot & Work Corp. S.L. is a company committed to the promotion, development, manufacture and selling of products based on Open Source technology to liberalize the industrial sector and boost the growth of its customers.  Our company's goal is to provide low cost solutions for automation in industrial environments. The Open Source Hardware solutions are still not widely introduced in the industrial sector, it is a growing market and we are its pioneers. The balance between  quality and cost is very important for us and so for the market, using Open Source solutions we can provide more specifications at a better price. Even more, the Open Source solutions are more flexible and accessible than the standard industrial solutions, and furthermore, the software is free of licences . Industrial Shields are convinced with a perspective focused on Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things . QUALITY

11. Main Features · Ti CC2538 SoC (512kb Flash 32kb RAM) · Atmel AT86RF215 SubGHz Radio                (868/915MHz) · Supports all IEEE802.15.4g modulations · Simultaneous dual radio Operation Programming · Programming over BSL · Supported in Contiki and OpenWSN          for  experimentation · JTAG and OCD compliant · USB Interface OpenMote B OpenMote B is a Raspberry compatible IoT harware in compliance with the standard IEEE802.15.4g and it can be programmed by Open Source platforms. OPEN MOTE OpenMote B is a Super LOW consumption mote for the IoT aplications. It is the reference for the IETF 6TiSCG Working Group and is supported by all the Open Source 6TiSCH implementation in Contiki and OpenWSN projects. Tech Features Technical characteristics: · Temperature sensor,  Humidity sensor,     Pressure sensor, Luminosity sensor · 4x Leds indicators · 2xAA Battery placeholder · 2.4GHz SMA Antenna · SubGHz SMA Antenna High Autonomy (>10 years*) Less than 50μA Consumption USB Interface Power Supply POWER SUPPLY Din RAIL Power Supply 120W ·  AC-DC, 120W, 1 Output 5A at 24Vdc Din RAIL Power Supply 180W ·  AC-DC, 180W, 1 Output 7.5A at 24Vdc Din RAIL Power Supply 240W ·  AC-DC, 240W, 1 Output 10A at 24Vdc Din RAIL Power Supply 30W ·  AC-DC, 30W, 1 Output 2.5A at 12Vdc Din RAIL Power Supply 30W ·  AC-DC, 30W, 1 Output at 24Vdc Din RAIL Power Supply 50W ·  AC-DC, 50W, 1 Output  at 24Vdc OPEN MOTE

2. PLC Arduino 38AR I/Os Relay / Analog / Digital PLUS 19 Inputs: · (10x) Analog (0-10Vdc, 10bit) / Digital   (7-24Vdc) configurables by software · (4x) Interrupt (7-24Vdc).   "Can work like Digital (24Vdc)" · (5x) Isolated Digital (7-24Vdc)   19 Outputs: · (8x) Relay outputs (220Vac-5A). · (6x) Analog (0-10Vdc, 8 bit) / Digital        (5-24Vdc) / PWM Isolated (5 - 24Vdc) · (5x) Digital (5-24Vdc) PLC Arduino 38R I/Os  Analog / Digital /Relay PLUS 12 Inputs: · (8x) 10 bit - Analog (0-10Vdc) /          Digital (7-24Vdc) configurable by software · (4x) Interrupt (24Vdc). "Can work like Digital (24Vdc)" PLC Arduino 42  I/Os  Analog / Digital PLUS 26 Inputs: · (12x)  Analog (0-10Vdc) / Digital   (7-24Vdc) , configurable by              software · (14x) Digital Isolated (7-24Vdc). PLC Arduino 19R  I/Os Relay / Analog / Digital PLUS    11 Outputs:  · (8x) Relay (220Vac - 5A)  · (3x) Analog (0-10Vdc, 8bit) / Digital     (5 - 24Vdc) 13 Inputs: · (6x) Analog (0-10Vdc) /   Digital (7-24Vdc) configurable   by software · (7x) Digital Isolated (7-24Vdc). PLC Arduino 21  I/Os  Analog / Digital PLUS RS485 RS232 SPI TTL I2C Ethernet TCP / IP Modbus RTU Modbus TCP Industrial Standard Communications Original Arduino Mega included Plus SECURITY Plus PROTECTION Plus ESD improvement Modbus RTU Modbus TCP RTC MicroSD socket MDUINO PLUS Half-duplex Full-duplex 22 Outputs: ·(16x) Relay (220Vac-5A). ·(6x) Analog (0-10Vdc, 8bit) /                Digital (24Vdc) 16 Outputs: ·(16x) Digital Isolated (5-24Vdc)/ (6 of which) PWM, configurable      by software ·(6 of which) Analog (0-10Vdc),          configurable by switch  6 Inputs:  · (4x) Analog (0-10Vdc, 10bit) /             Digital  (7-24Vdc) configurables by software  · (2x) Interrupt (7-24Vdc). "Can work like Digital (24Vdc)" 8 Outputs: · (8x) Digital Isolated (5-24Vdc)/   (3 of which) PWM Isolated (3 of which) Analog (0-10Vdc) configurable by switch ETHERNET  PLC                    M-DUINO                       

3. PLC Arduino 57R I/Os  Relay / Analog / Digital PLUS 18 Inputs: · (12x) Analog (0-10Vdc, 10 bit) /                Digital (7-24Vdc) configurable by software · (6x) Interrupt (5-24Vdc)    "Can work like Digital (24Vdc)".   31 Outputs: · (23x) Relay  (220Vac - 5A). · (8x) Analog (0-10Vdc, 8 bit) /   Digital (5-24Vdc) 29 Inputs: · (14x) Analog (0-10Vdc, 10 bit) /          Digital (7-24Vdc) , configurable by software · (9x) Digital Isolated (7-24Vdc). · (6x) Interrupt (7-24Vdc). "Can work like Digital (24Vdc)" PLC Arduino 57AAR I/Os Analog / Digital PLUS 32 Inputs: · (16x) Analog (0-10Vdc, 10bit) / Digital (7-24Vdc) configurable by software · (6x) Interrupt (5-24Vdc). “Can work like Digital (24Vdc)” · (10x) Isolated Digital (5-24Vdc)  25 Outputs: · (7x) Relay (220Vac – 5A) · (8x) Analog (0-10Vdc, 8bit ) / Digital (5-24Vdc) / PWM Isolated (5- 24Vdc) · (10x) Digital Isolated (5-24Vdc) PLC Arduino 58 I/Os  Analog / Digital PLUS  22 Outputs: · (22x) Digital Isolated (5-24Vdc)/   (8 of  which) PWM configurable        by  software · (8 of which) Analog (0-10Vdc) 36 Inputs: · (16x)  Analog (0-10Vdc) / Digital   (7-24Vdc) configurable by                  software · (20x) Digital Isolated (7-24Vdc). PLC Arduino 53ARR I/Os Relay / Analog / Digital PLUS 25 Inputs: · (14x) Analog (0-10Vdc, 10 bit) /   Digital (7-24Vdc) configurables by software · (5x) Digital (7-24Vdc). · (6x) Interrupt (7-24Vdc).   "Can work like Digital 24Vdc" 28 Outputs: · (15x) Relay (220Vac-5A) · (8x) Analog (0-10Vdc, 8bit) /   Digital (5-24Vdc) · (5x) Digital (Optoisolated 24Vdc max). 22 Inputs: · (12x) Analog (0-10Vdc, 10bit) / Digital (7-24Vdc) configurables by software · (10x) Digital Isolated (7-24Vdc). (6 of which are Interrupt) PLC Arduino 50RRA  I/Os  Relay / Analog / Digital PLUS PLC Arduino 54ARA I/Os Relay / Analog / Digital PLUS M-DUINO                       ETHERNET  PLC RS485 - RS232 - SPI - TTL - I2C Ethernet - TCP / IP - Modbus RTU / TCP 36 Outputs: · (16x) Relay (220Vac-5A) · 8x) Analog (0-10Vdc, 8bit ) / Digital (5-24Vdc) · (12x) Digital (5-24Vdc) 25 Outputs: · (8x) Relay (220Vac-5A) · (8x) Analog (0-10Vdc, 8 bit)/ Digital    (5-24Vdc) · (9x) Digital (Isolated 24Vdc max) Industrial Standard Communications EEPROM 4 KB | SRAM 8 KB Flash 256 KB | CPU Speed 16 MHz Original Arduino Mega included

7. PLC Arduino Ardbox 20 I/Os Analog HF 10 Inputs: · (10x) Digital (7-24Vdc). · (6x)of 10x, Analog (0-10Vdc)  configurable by Switch 10 Outputs: · (10x) Analog (0-10Vdc) and Digital / PWM Isolated (5 to 24Vdc) 10 Inputs: · (10x) Digital (7-24Vdc).  · (6x)of 10x, Analog (0-10Vdc)    configurable by Switch 8 Outputs: · (8x) Relay (220Vac-5A) PLC Arduino Ardbox 20 I/Os RELAY HF GPRS/SIM Controller 19R RS485 · RS232 · SPI · I2C · Modbus RTU Industrial Protocols Panel PC's for industrial environment using Linux, Android or Windows 10 IoT OSs. TFT 10.1" TouchScreen LVDS, 315 nits, 170º viewing angle. Format 16:9, 1366x768. Video in MIPI CSI connector which lets you install an RPF camera module. Integrated Storage SD /MMC / SDIO slot. Power supply                                        Low level devices 12Vdc to 24Vdc (5.5x2.5 Jack)           8x GPIO , SPI , I2C , UART Current consumption                         LAN connectivity 2.5A (12Vdc) // 1,25A (24Vdc)           10/100 Ethernet (RJ-45) Choose the processor   Original Tinker Board included That fits your project PANEL PC                                      ARDBOX GPRS CPU SOFTWARE RaspberryPi B3 + Quad-core A53 (ARMv8) 64-bit @ 1.4GHz Tinker Board Rockchip Quad- Core RK3288  Linux  Android Windows 10 IoT You can choose among these three Operating Systems to boot the Panel PC. Depending on your installation requirements and/or needs you have the flexibility to select the option that fits best with your project. Panel PC based on TinkerBoard (ASUS), encasing a 7” TouchScreen. From 12 to 24Vdc 10x GPIOs Optoisolated (5-24Vdc) configurable. 1x RS485-RS232* - 1x Serial TTL - 1x I2C - 1x SPI - RTC (Real Time Clock) UPS included 6 Inputs · (4x) Analog (0-10Vdc, 10bit) / Digital (5-24Vdc) configurables by software · (2x) Interrupt Inputs (5-24Vdc). “Can work like Digital (24Vdc)” 11 Outputs · (8x) Relay (220Vac – 5A) · (3x) Analog (0-10Vdc, 8bit ) / Digital (5-24Vdc) Original Raspberry Pi3 included Original Arduino Leonardo  included EEPROM 1KB | SRAM 2.5 KB | Flash 32 KB | CPU Speed 16 MHz TinkerTouch 7"

14. 2007 2012 2014 2016 2018 2010 2013 2015 2017 2019 Through the IEEE - UNEDsb we started to know Arduino and we used it to manufacture machinery as a prototype. International trade shows in Barcelona, Paris and Bangalore. Investment in improving facilities, quality process, industrial certifications. We created the first Shields for industrial use for machinery of the labeling sector and automatic production lines. Boot & Work Corp. is created with the objective of standardizing a product based on Open Source technology for use in industrial environments. Boot & Work Corp wins the award for the best Innovative company in Barberá del Valles. First prototype units. The Ardbox is coming. Industrial Shields has commercialized equipment based on Open Source technology to more than 20 countries. 5 distributors in different countries ( UK, Germany, USA, Mexico and Italy ) and more than 500 clients in industrial sectors of all kinds. We have more than 17 distributors in 15 countries from all continents and we have reached more than 75 countries. Presence in more than 80 countries, more than 20 distributors worldwide. New products developments, PLC with WiFi and GPRS / GSM. EVOLVING We created the Industrial Shields brand from where we started to market a first basic family of products. First unit sold online to Lybia.


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