ESP32 PLC 14 Open Source based Industrial PLC

ESP32 PLC 14
Open Source based Industrial PLC

Reliability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness in your hands.

Dual-Core Dynamics

Separate cores for Inputs Outputs and Communications.

Smart Solution

Innovation for a connected industrial future. IoT ready!

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x2 Analog Inputs 0-10Vdc/4-20mA
x2 Analog Inputs 0-10Vdc (Can also act as Digital Inputs 3.3 to 24Vdc)
x3 Digital Inputs 3.3 to 24Vdc


x4 Digital Outputs  12/24 Vdc (Can also act as Digital Inputs 3.3 to 24Vdc)
x1 Relay Outputs 48VDC at 3A max / 220VAC at 5A max

Industrial Communications

I2C, RS485 (HD), Ethernet, WiFi, BLE, 
NB-IoT, GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G, LoRA

ESP32 PLC 14 - Elevate your industrial Process

Effortlessly Efficient
Smart Solution
ESP32 PLC 14 Open Source based Industrial PLC
Dual-Core Dynamics
Open source based
Effortlessly Efficient 
Smart Solution

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ESP32 PLC 14 Open Source based Industrial PLC

Multiple applications for multiple industries

Create solutions for many projects with ESP32 PLC 14

Eolic Energy

Ensure the best performance of your installations monitoring the KPI.


Control remotely humidity, ventilation, CO2 level and luminosity. Maintain the best environment and get the best.

Machinery Maintenance

Anticipate failure or breakdown by monitoring and understanding the critical indicators available.

Industry 4.0

Gather and monitor essential data for analysis, decision-making, and ongoing improvement.


Automate material collection, distribution, and data storage using a dedicated server with remote control capabilities.


Monitoring for data-driven decisions, alarm setup, fault prevention, proactive issue handling and stability control.