Check the most complete range of Programmable Logic Controllers based on Open Source Hardware

Solutions for Automation, Monitoring and Control

PLC Based on Arduino, Raspberry Pi and ESP 32

10 IOS Programmable Logic Controller 

Industrial Solutions based on Arduino NANO or ESP32 boards 

A versatile solution with up to 10 inputs and outputs. You'll be able to program using free software solutions, like Arduino IDE.
With the ESP32 board and his great features you will have a powerful and cost effective solution.
The Arduino NANO it is a perfect solution for lots of applications of monitoring and control.

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20 IOS Programmable Logic Controller 

Industrial Solutions based on Arduino Leonardo boards 

Multiple communications options available:
- WiFi

You can use this wireless solution to communicate with other devices and send and receive information.


If there's no option to connect with physical support, this solution it's perfect for your installation or machine.

Up to 20 inputs and outputs.

Digital, Analog and Relay IOs to ensure you can work with multiple options available.

Industrial Protocols available:
RS485 · RS232 · SPI · I2C · Modbus RTU

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Ethernet Programmable Logic Controller range

Arduino Mega for Industrial Solutions

Up to 58 IOs available.

Multiple protocols and  other options at your disposal like:
LoRa - Long Range solution.
WiFi - Wireless option.
GPRS - If there's not option to have a physical support.
DALI - Lighting protocol for specific solutions.

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Programmable Automation Controller based on Raspberry Pi  

Automation, monitoring and control with power and speed 

With double RS-485 ports, a double ethernet port, UPS that will ensure a minimum power supply, this will secure a safe shut down and SD data protection. Also a CAN bus. 

A PLC with the power of Raspberry Pi.

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