ESP 32 PLC 14
Arduino or ESP32

Compact industrial control system

A small and powerful equipment based on Arduino or ESP32 technology designed for a professional use. 

The Micro PLC, what can it do for you? Check out these features!

Security and Robustness

Industrial Certifications

Always original

Arduino NANO or ESP32 boards

Standard Communications

RS232, RS485, SPI, Modbus, USB...

Up to 10 Inputs & Outputs

Analog, Digital and Relay

No License cost

Program it with Arduino IDE

Easy setup

Easily adjust the PLC to your needs

Micro PLC based on Arduino or ESP32

Industrial Automation based on Open Source Hardware

Modular PLC controller

Modular PLC Controller

This is the first equipment based on Arduino technology designed for professional use.  With the Micro PLC Arduino NANO range you can have up to 10I/Os. It also contains several communication ports which provide more flexibility and control.

Programming software

Programming software

This industrial Micro PLC can be programmed using the Arduino IDE platform and other programming languages or interfaces that can work with Arduino devices.

Instantant connection and coding

Instantant connection and coding

The controller Arduino Micro PLC 10IOs is programmed via the USB port, providing immediate access for programming, mantaining and control. All variables, inputs, outputs, etc., can also be continuously monitored.

It is compatible with the Ardbox PLC, the M-Duino PLC, the Raspberry Pi PLC and the Touchberry Pi with instant connection.

Easy Setup and Installation

It complies with regulations for industrial automation.


Connect external memory card or copy

your important data using USB.

Choose your SOFTWARE

It can be programmed with multiple

software platforms, mainly free platforms.

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