How to build a Raspberry PLC image from a Raspberry Pi OS

Learn how to adapt your Raspberry Pi image for the automation industry and Raspberry Pi automation!
August 26, 2021 by
How to build a Raspberry PLC image from a Raspberry Pi OS
Boot & Work Corp. S.L., Fernandez Queralt Martinez


The Raspberry Pi is a tiny and affordable computer that you can use to learn programming through fun and practical projects for industrial automation.

At Industrial Shields we take it to the next level, allowing it to be used in the industrial field, with higher capabilities.

So, in this post, we are going to show you how to adapt a Raspberry Pi image to a Raspberry Pi based PLC image so that you can use them with your open-source industrial controllers. 

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  • Raspberry PLC
  • Power Supply
  • MicroSD card
  • MicroSD card adapter for PC
  • HDMI cable with an external screen + keyboard for your Raspberry PLC 


In order to add the configuration files of an industrial Raspberry PLC image to a Raspberry Pi OS, follow these steps:

1. Download the Raspberry Pi Imager 

2. Download an operating system image from Raspberry Pi. You can choose among "Raspberry Pi OS with desktop and recommended software", "Raspberry Pi OS with desktop", "Raspberry Pi OS Lite" or any available image.

All the operating system images are available HERE

3. Take your microSD card with an adapter for your PC, and write the image from the Raspberry Pi Imager.

4. Once written, introduce the microSD card in your Raspberry PLC and do the setup.

5. Create a file in your industrial Raspberry Pi PLC controller called, and copy this content. (Do not use windows notepad for this) 

Another way of doing this step is to run this command on your open source PLC Raspberry Pi terminal  (Internet connectivity is needed)


6. Run this command to change the permissions: 

chmod 755

7. Finally, run it as a superuser:

sudo ./

After the reboot is done, the Raspberry Pi image will be now a Raspberry Pi industrial PLC image!

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How to build a Raspberry PLC image from a Raspberry Pi OS
Boot & Work Corp. S.L., Fernandez Queralt Martinez August 26, 2021
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