What is LoRa?
Introduction to Industrial Communications
16 November, 2020 by
What is LoRa?
Boot & Work Corp. S.L., Quesada Dani Salvans


LoRa (Long Range modulation) is a type of wireless technology. It uses uses a radio frequency network modulation such as AM, FM or PSK, but this one was created by a major radio chip manufacturer company called Semtech ©, now managed by LoRa Alliance ©. This modulation is called CSS (Chirp Spread Spectrum) andhas been used in military operations for many years. The benefits of this kind of communications are that it can reach long distance (cover wide areas, usually kilometers) and has a good resistance to interferences. 

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Main advantages

  • High tolerance interference

  • High Rx sensitivity (-168 dB)

  • Based on "chirp" modulation

  • Low consumption 

  • Long range (10-20 km)

  • Low data transference (untill 255 bytes)

  • Point-to-Point connection

  • Low working frequencies: 868 MHz in Europe, 915 Mhz in America and 433 MHz in Asia. It uses the ISM (Industrial, Scientific, Medical) Band which is a non-licensed part of the frequency spectrum)

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Possible applications

It is an ideal option when we need long range communication and IoT networks composed of sensors which are not connected to the electrical network due to their locations or main usage. For exemple, this communication is widely used in Smart Cities or low coverage areas such as agricultural applications or sensors/actuators networks  which can take profit of its main characteristics. Because of its adavantages and because it is an affordable and easy-to-use technology, it is being applied in many useful applications such as:

  • Smart Grid Management

  • Logistics and Fleet Management

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Industrial IoT

  • Smart Cities

Here you can see a comparison between the bandwidth and the range of Wi-Fi & BLE, Cellular and LoRa spectrums:

Do you want to work with LoRaWAN and a PLC controller Arduino?

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What is LoRa?
Boot & Work Corp. S.L., Quesada Dani Salvans
16 November, 2020
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