What is Industrial Ethernet?
Learn more about Ethernet protocol in an industrial environment
19 November, 2021 by
What is Industrial Ethernet?
Boot & Work Corp. S.L., Fernandez Queralt Martinez


Industrial Ethernet (IE) is the use of Ethernet in an industrial environment with protocols that provide determinism and real-time control.

In this blog we will see what the industrial Ethernet concept is, with some of its main details.

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The industry-applied Ethernet protocol, called Industrial Ethernet, is the fastest growing communication protocol within industrial automation and control systems.

Industrial Ethernet is the term used to represent industrial protocols that use the standard Ethernet physical layer and standard Ethernet protocols. In this way, Ethernet protocols modify standard Ethernet in a way to ensure specific manufacturing data is not only correctly send and received, but also sent and received on time when the data is needed to perform a specific operation.

It can also refer to the use of standard Ethernet protocols with rugged connectors and extended temperature switches in an industrial environment, for automation or process control.


Let's see some examples:

Manufacturing and Logistics

When capturing data in the industrial environment, the Industrial Ethernet carries out the management of the data to the IT network in real-time for the tracking control.

Outdoor applications

When using motion sensors, outdoor lighting, etc., it is common to use the network to deliver Power over Ethernet (PoE), as this simplifies wiring and makes it easier to control the device.

Electricity substations

Network devices are vulnerable on electrical networks by levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI). Cables used in Industrial Ethernet support optical interfaces that simplify installation.

Vehicles and trains

The data generated within a moving vehicle, must be treated for device that tolerate vibrations. For this, it is important to select only products that are certified to ensure long-term reliability


There are several different structures when it comes to ethernet cables. The most common structure is Twisted Pair cable.
Two wires inside the cable are twisted together. Twisted Pairs is the industry standard cable, since they have the best results in terms of maximum length and speed drops.
One of the reasons for their quality is that the two cables carry data in both directions, which balances the electrical fields for reducing electrical noise within the wire.

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Protocols for Industrial Ethernet include the following:





 CC-Link IE


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What is Industrial Ethernet?
Boot & Work Corp. S.L., Fernandez Queralt Martinez
19 November, 2021
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