MO - Technical Service - PRO (Monthly)
MO - Technical Service - PRO (Monthly)
29.00 €
29.00 €
YR - Technical Service - BASIC (Yearly)
YR - Technical Service - BASIC (Yearly)
99.95 €
99.95 €

MO - Technical Service - BASIC (Monthly)

9.95 € 9.950000000000001 EUR 9.95 €

9.95 €

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    Resolution of questions regarding

    Signals and communications

    Types of signals in specific applications.
    Types of communications available.
    Product information not found in the technical documentation.
    Compatibility of third party sensors/actuators with our equipment.
    Power supply for PLCs, Panel PCs, Modules, Power Supplies.


    Digital inputs/outputs.
    Analogue inputs/outputs.
    Relay outputs.
    Installation according to environmental conditions (humidity, temperature).
    Installation according to type of application (noise, vibrations).
    Installation - measurements, 3D models, machining
    Installation - Mounting of HMI Panels on electrical or VESA panels.


    Failure of the libraries developed by Industrial Shields®.
    Information about the functionalities of the IS libraries if not found in the Readme of the library or in the blog.


    Performance by type of communications.
    Performance in types of signals.
    Performance in equipment customisation.

    Resolution of issues

    Reading and writing signals.
    Difficulty in programming due to erroneous configuration of the boards.
    Errors in communication protocols.
    Erroneous values despite correct code and configuration.
    Electrical faults in the equipment.
    Misuse of the equipment (overvoltages, amperage peaks, short circuits, etc.).

    Problems with the operating system or programming environment.
    Blocking of the software of the equipment.
    Impossibility of access via USB/Ethernet for programming.
    Deformations in machining/encapsulation.
    Impossibility of using wireless communication (GPRS, WiFi, BLE, LoRa, 4G,...).

    Management of Spare Parts, Warranties and Shipments


    Warranties (See warranty model documentation) 
    Diagnosis and management of warranties in the event of manufacturing faults.
    Diagnosis and repair of equipment that does not work properly after online assistance.

    Spare parts

    Processing of customer requests for products without warranty.
    Delivery of spare parts and support in installation and configuration.


    Management of shipments issues.


    Support for distributor customers. If you have purchased a product through one of our distributors, do not hesitate to contact us to solve your doubts.

    Panel PC specifics questions

    Touch screen

    Calibration of the Panels.
    Touch does not work properly.
    Physical damage to machining / screen / multiTouch system.


    USB Port issues.
    WiFi issues.
    Bluetooth Low Energy issues.
    UPS issues.
    Ethernet issues.
    RTC (Panel HMI 7”) issues.
    RS-485 (Panel HMI 7”) issues.

    Inputs and outputs

    Opto-isolated inputs/outputs (HMI 7" panel) do not respond.

    Operating system

    Operating System image corrupted.
    Industrial Shields services in the OS are not responding.

    Special requirements that we can also cover.
    If you need one these services, please contact us.


    Code/software testing.
    End-user review of developed code.
    Code/programme optimisation.


    Diagnosis and management of guarantees when the seal of the equipment has been broken, without having been required by the SAT.


    Help and support for the development of specific applications.
    Detailed study of the feasibility of an application with Industrial Shields® hardware.
    Meet and greet session for software troubleshooting / detailed explanation of equipment functionalities. 
    Visit to customer's premises for system analysis / troubleshooting.


    Help and support for the use of libraries/software that have not been developed by Industrial Shields®.
    Extended applications for the use of Industrial Shields® libraries.

    No Specifications