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A Plug&Play UPS Smart Shield and Real Time Clock (RTC) for Raspberry Pi.
A shutdown with great safety and efficiency.

It can provide steady power source for an extended period of time when the system is powered-off, to avoid system damage and assure safe shut down. In addition, the product could be used to supply stable power to some applications requiring mobility such as, Raspberry Pi camera, tablet PC or field data collection system.

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You can configure the working time


With RS485 | I2C

Voltage Working

It works with 12/24 Volts | 5Vdc(USB-TypeC)


Supply Voltage: 12~24Vdc | 5Vdc(USB-C)

Supply Current:  Recommended using an adapter with the power of 1.5A (20W) and above

Power Supply Interface: 3.81mm plug connector (12~24Vdc)|Micro-USB Type C (5Vdc)

Maximum Output Current: 3A (Thermal-Shutdown included)

Output Voltage: 5V

Main-Board: Raspberry Pi B/B+/2B/3B/3B+/4B and subsequent version. (Other RPI compatible boards)

Communication Interface: I2C | RS485 (UART) 

Other Functions: RTC (Real Time Clock)

RTC Battery Interface: Coin Cell 2032 (3Vdc) 

Dimension: 64mmx56mm/2.19”x2.20” | 90mmx56mm (including Capacitors)

Mounting Hole Size: As defined on Raspberry PI 4B


Standard Raspberry Pi extension interface, compatible with other expansion boards

Support 3A maximum current output, suitable for more Raspberry Pi applications

Auto-switching of charge/recharge path, designed to against power-down

On-board 1x LEDs for showing the external supply

Programmable switch on/off delay. ( ICSP connector)

Super Caps charge/discharge protection and over-heating protection

The most powerful UPS Shield for Raspberry


3Vdc Coin Cell (2032) not included


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