Raspberry PI UPS Model 2020 (UPSberry)

Raspberry PI UPS Model 2020 (UPSberry)

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    UPS Shield is a Plug&Play UPS Smart Shield and Real Time Clock (RTC) for Raspberry Pi that allow Raspberry PI Shutdown more efficient and safety that other boards.

    It is necessary to Avoid any SD corruption.
    You also can supply the Raspberry Pi at 12Vdc or 24Vdc as is used in Industrial Installations.
    With RS485
    3 Amps
    Configurable working time. Download the required services at: https://apps.industrialshields.com/main/rpi/ups/

    • UPS Configuration

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    UPS Shield is a Plug&Play UPS Smart Shield including a Real Time Clock (RTC) for Raspberry Pi.
    No maintenance is needed on this shield. You can supply 12Vdc or 24Vdc (choose the right version) at your Raspberry PI.
    The UPS Shield offer a 10second of UPS saver using an Input from Raspberry PI.
    It is -IMPORTANT- to USE the RIGHT Raspbian version ALREADY installed on the µSD before connecting the UPS Shield at the Raspberry. (compatible in all Raspberry PI B versions).
    Power supply: 12 or 24Vdc.(it is necessary to define the voltage on the product page).
    Recharge Time: Less than 1 minute.
    Reconnecting time: Less than 20 seconds.

    *Compatible with Raspberry PI + 7" Screen (official from Raspberry PI).

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