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The power of information

Raw data it is not information, yet

The phrase "information is power" applies to many aspects, both personal and professional. If we focus on the business world, and the specific part of monitoring, a good capture of key data, along with its subsequent analysis, can and should be part of the decision making process. This will affect in the vast majority of departments or sections, if not all.

Do not confuse having data, with having something tangible beyond gigabytes, terabytes or petabytes in one format or another and accessible from a multitude of different platforms, devices or user profiles. What you need is to convert this data into organized information, sampled, grouped, or in any way you can work with. 

Then become aware based on your history, objectives, needs or reality, the market, to name a few frameworks on which to process this information, allowing you to exploit this data through decision making.

The monitoring is key in Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things or the Big Data.

The link that will unite and give meaning to many of these elements is the monitoring of installations, machines, complete lines, and many other actors that can provide data, information and knowledge within a company. 

The power of information

Key points of industrial monitoring

Key points of industrial monitoring open source

Defining what KPIs you will need, and how to obtain that data, is a fundamental part of the installation of monitoring elements. 

It is key too to have:

- Flexibility

- Agility

- Autonomy

- Liberty

- Safety

to easily add, remove or change hardware or software elements of your monitoring systems.

You need to adapt the monitoring to the often changing needs of the data required in each layer of the organization chart of the company.  

You really need to know where to go!

Key points of industrial monitoring

The same cell that is going to monitor your production line will generate a series of data that will have a disparate interest among the departments of production, quality, maintenance, general management, sales, operations, etc.

Advantages of Industrial Open Source Monitoring

When the monitoring system is closed and with few or no possibilities to adapt to your needs, you will adapt to live with those data. By taking or assuming this option, you can leave aside important indicators that affect the improvement of production, cost savings in resources, materials or energy, savings through preventive - predictive maintenance, etc.

If you have a custom-made arduino monitoring solution with complete vision, the monitoring systems will meet their objective of always keeping you in tension, with indicators of alerts, alarms, notifications, reports, planning, etc.

The tension does not need to have a negative connotation, you simply have to try to apply elements to compete, improve, control, where necessary and beneficial.


Key points of industrial monitoring

Your Tailored Suit

Talking about monitoring, a solution based on open source hardware complies perfectly with the option of having your suit made to measure, because:

Arduino based industrial PLCs are a solution that allows that flexibility and adaptation, with very tight costs. 

The possibility of adding monitoring elements, adapting them, changing them or eliminating them, will not even be questionable when the time comes. 

The cost on the licensing side does not exist, unlike other systems or solutions. 

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