Equipment based on the Open Source Hardware technology designed for control,  monitoring and automation.

Contains several communication ports which provide more flexibility and control.

SMS and dynamic or static text will allow you to monitor and control your machines, devices and installations.

Case Studies with Industrial Arduino Controllers and GPRS/GSM

Check the automation, monitoring and control solutions that our customers have shared with us

Fully-equipped security system capable to be focused on different threats, adapting itself to specific objectives. 

Security System >> 

Industrial Solution for weather station applications with OpenMote and an industrial controller Arduino PLC

Weather Station & Wind Study >> 

This study case consists in installing, in each vehicle that composes the fleet, a controller Arduino of Industrial Shields with its set of sensors and actuators. 

Fleet Management >>

PLC with GSM/GPRS connectivity

PLC ideal for remote monitoring, data logging and remote access, diagnostics and control, using short text messages (SMS).

Adjust the messages to send from device with static (text) or dynamic (text and values) content.

According to the needs of your installation this is a perfect way of sending important information to the monitoring center.

You can send to pre-defined phone numbers. SMS messages sending can be triggered by change of binary input state, reaching alarm thresolds, marker state change, counters and clocks. 

Remote control unit especially suitable for wireless monitoring & control, data logging and remote access.  

PLC with GSM/GPRS connectivity

Powerful solution for professional industrial wireless applications like,

Remote monitoring and control

Security & surveillance

Industrial and Building automation

Energy management & control

Water management 

Greenhouse automation

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