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Digital inputs not working Ardbox

John Tsouris

I have had two experienced Arduino programmers try and get the digital inputs working on this Leonardo Arduino based Ardbox.  Even when programming the most basic program to just test the digital inputs, the inputs act as if they are floating.....kind of.

The basic test program monitors two declared digital inputs, and jumps to one of two subroutines based upon one of the two inputs actuating.  The subroutines simply turn two digital outputs on and off for testing.  When running the program, it always jumps to one of the subroutines constantly with neither of the inputs being actuated.

Keep in mind, the Ardbox has indicator lights that show when a digital input has been actuated.  These stay off until one of the inputs is actually actuated. If the digital inputs are firing on their own, they do not light up the digital input LED lights when they do so.

The digital inputs have been both declared as ground, and also pulled high (supposedly) by the internal resistor. This makes no difference, the program still jumps to the subroutines without a digital input being actuated.

I haven't tried using physical resistors to make this work, but even if I do, the device shouldn't need them to work.

Is there something special about the ardbox or leonardo we're all missing here?

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Marti Guillem Cura
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Our industrial PLCs are ready to work using our Industrial Shields boards on the Arduino IDE. On the following page you can see how to set up all the initial configurations. As you are working on an Ardbox family product, on this link there is all the information about its settings and how to work with it: Ardbox.

In order to power up the LED's, the PLC must be connected to an external power supply (12Vdc - 24Vdc). Take in mind that some internal Arduino pins may be used for other extra features implemented on the PLC.

Finally, make sure that the switch configurations are set up correctly.

I hope I have been useful