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Issues while connecting the WiFi module on industrial PLC?

If you have troubles while connecting the WiFi module on your PLC Arduino from the Wifi & Bluetooth Family, find here the best solution to solve it


When using the WiFi module of any the WiFi & Bluetooth family industrial controller Arduino, you may encounter issues when compiling. 

In this post, we will see the method to compile any sketch to the WiFi & BLE module in a stable way and without having to resort to the boot and enable buttons of the integrated WiFi & BLE module of your industrial Arduino PLC.


Industrial Shields' programmable logic controllers (PLCs) with WiFi & BLE:

- WiFi & Bluetooth Controller Familiy

Industrial Shields' boards:

- Installing the Industrial Shields Boards in the Arduino IDE (Updated)


You may have just purchased your WiFi & Bluetooth Arduino-based PLC for industrial automation; when you have tried to compile your first program and run it on the PLC controller, you have found that it is locked in the next step and you are not allowed to upload the program correctly. 

When you are uploading the program to the WiFi and BLE Module, in the status console you always stay in the next step and never ends up uploading the code:



Tavoid having to access the internal "boot" button of the integrated module for WiFi & BT communication, check the solution to the problem explained as follows:

1) In the link below you, can find the driver needed to communicate between the WiFi & BT module and the PC.

Driver for the ESP32 module

Download the right driver for your PC and operating system.

This drivers are required for device operation as a Virtual COM Port to facilitate host communication, some PCs already have these drivers by default but many others do not. 

2) Close the Arduino IDE platform if you have it opened, and restart it.

3) Reconnect the micro USB cable to your WiFi & BLE module to upload the code. Once connected, select the available serial port in the Tools> Port section:

In my case, it is the COM39 port but it can be any other available on your PC.

4) Finally, after following the indicated steps and selecting the port correctly, upload your program to the WiFi & BLE module and you will be able to upload your sketches to the module correctly:


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