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How to recalibrate your Raspberry Pi Touchscreen

Calibrate your industrial Touchberry Pi 10.1" Panel PC


If you notice that the calibration of your Raspberry Pi industrial Panel PC does not perfectly match the size of your panel, you can follow the steps below to get the most accurate calibration of your touch panel. 

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  • Industrial Shields Panel PC  See the product >>

  • Raspbian / Linux iOS

  • a PC with Windows OS 

  • The calibration program (Must be downloaded in a Windows PC!) 


To recalibrate your Touchberry Pi, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download the PDF below. This PDF includes an image with the actual screen measurements of your Touchberry Pi. This sheet is important because it will serve as a model of the screen for tapping on the Windows PC screen.

  2. You must connect the Touchberry Pi usb to a PC with Windows operating system.

  3. Create a new folder and unzip the previously downloaded file (eGalaxTouch_5.12.0.10517-Release120717.rar).

  4. Start the program (setup.exe)

  5. Once the program has started, you must press the keys when when the PC screen asks you to do so (it is important that you use the image downloaded from the PDF to know the exact measurements).

  6. Once you have finished pressing the keys, save and exit the program. Your Touchberry Pi should now be calibrated.

If all the steps are done but the screen is not calibrated or the touch is not working,

please contact our technical service.

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