New distribution agreement between Industrial Shields and Digi-key

This partnership increases the international presence of the company's industrial automation products
May 14, 2020 by
New distribution agreement between Industrial Shields and Digi-key
Boot & Work Corp. S.L., Sonia Gabarro

Industrial Shields, a company designing, manufacturing and selling open source based electronic devices for industrial automation, has signed a global agreement with Digi-key, a distributor of electronic components and semiconductors, specializing in the fast introduction of new products on the market.

Thanks to this agreement, Industrial Shields has expanded its worldwide network for the distribution of its product range -industrial controllers PLCs and Panel PCs (based on industrial Arduino and Raspberry Pi), OpenMotes and accessories-, enhancing its presence in over 90 countries around the world, and strengthening both its customer service and immediate deliveries.

Benefits for both companies

According to Industrial Shields' commercial director, Ramon Boncompte, "this agreement with Digikey means a great step forward because it increases the company's international presence. Digi-Key is the fifth largest distributor in the world, with influence in over 170 countries. Their sales platform includes a catalogue with over 800 manufacturers and 1.7 million items".

Boncompte claims that the collaboration between both companies will bring Industrial Shields several benefits: "On the one hand, it will allow us to increase sales in the United States, where Digi-Key has its headquarters; strengthening our introduction into US market. On the other hand, it will also help us to have a greater presence on social network as Digi-Key always makes a significant effort to promote its suppliers. By increasing sales, we will be able to invest in our R&D to develop more and better products within the world of industrial open source.”

Ramon Boncompte believes that this distribution agreement might also be advantageous for the North American company. "We offer a range of industrial open source products that no other company can offer. Digi-key is taking a big step entering in the industrial open source, offering our range of industrial PLC and Panel PCs with different processors such as Arduino, Raspberry or ESP32, models from 10 to 58 I/O, a wide variety of Ethernet, wifi, GPRS, LORA, DALI communications... where our customers get the benefits of open source,  great flexibility and control of their applications, at a very competitive price," says Industrial Shields sales director.

With a turnover of $3 billion, Digi-Key is the fourth largest electronics distributor in the United States and one of the fastest growing globally. The North American company, based in Minnesota, stocks a large selection of products, available for immediate shipment. At any given time, there are more than one million products ready to be shipped from Digi-Key's headquarters, so delivery times are extremely fast. The large volume of stock in its distribution center allows Digi-Key to ship 99% of orders the same day they are placed.

Thanks to this new partnership, Industrial Shields has strengthened the worldwide presence of its products for industrial automation, gaining immediacy in the delivery of materials.

Look at our product range here and learn more about Digi-key by visiting their website.

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New distribution agreement between Industrial Shields and Digi-key
Boot & Work Corp. S.L., Sonia Gabarro May 14, 2020
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