Discover the new ESP32 PLC 14 from Industrial Shields

New industrial PLC controller: Innovation and efficiency in industrial automation
February 1, 2024 by
Discover the new ESP32 PLC 14 from Industrial Shields
Marta Vila Fernandez

Good news for industrial automation enthusiasts! Industrial Shields, a company specialising in open source hardware-based solutions, has released the new ESP32 PLC 14. A Open Source PLC designed to revolutionise industrial processes. In this post, you will discover how this new controller combines reliability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness, marking a milestone in industrial automation.

Unique Features of the ESP32 PLC 14

Dual-Core Dynamics: The new industrial PLC  features dual cores that allow separate management of inputs and outputs, and communications, optimising performance. This approach ensures exceptional productivity in dynamic industrial environments.

Smart solution for a connected industrial future: This device stands as a key innovation for the next generation of connected industrial processes.This is good news for esp32 projects. Thanks to its standard communications (I2C, RS485 (HD), Ethernet, WiFi, BLE and those that can be added with expanders (NB-IoT, GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G and LoRA) , the new Industrial Shields PLC provides unparalleled connectivity.

Versatile Inputs and Outputs

  • ​Inputs: x2 Analog Inputs and x3 Digital Inputs  
  • Outputs: x4 Digital Outputs and x1 Relay Output.

Industrial Quality at an exceptional price: Industrial Shields' ESP32 PLC 14 stands out as a remarkable example of accessible advanced technology, now available on the market for under 100€. Achieving this affordability is due to efficient integration of high-performance components, optimised manufacturing processes leveraging economies of scale, and the use of open source technology to minimise costs. This makes it an attractive solution for a broad spectrum of industries. Offering top-quality industrial capabilities at a very competitive price point.

New controller ESP32 PLC 14

Commitment to Innovation and Accessibility

Industrial Shields sales director Ramon Boncompte highlights the company's strong commitment to innovation and accessibility in industrial automation. According to Boncompte, "Industrial Shields' mission is to democratise cutting-edge technology, making advanced automation accessible to all companies, regardless of size." This focus is embodied by the launch of the ESP32 PLC 14, a product that symbolises not only industry-leading innovation, but also the company's dedication to affordability. 

Boncompte emphasises the importance of affordability in innovation, stating that "the true technological revolution is achieved when advanced solutions are within everyone's reach, thus driving efficiency and growth in various industries." With this philosophy, Industrial Shields seeks not only to offer advanced products, but also to open up a world of possibilities for innovators and companies globally.

ESP32 PLC 14: Industrial Shields' breakthrough in accessible and efficient automation

The ESP32 PLC 14 represents much more than just a technological breakthrough; it is a clear demonstration of Industrial Shields' strong commitment to innovation and efficiency in the field of industrial automation. This controller is a symbol of how advanced technology can be accessible and relevant to a wide range of industrial applications. We call on companies of all scales and industries to explore the unique capabilities of the ESP32 PLC 14 and how it can facilitate a significant transformation in their operational processes. Whether it is improving efficiency, optimising resources or implementing smarter automation solutions, the ESP32 PLC 14 is poised to be a key ally in industrial progress.

Elevate your industrial process with the New PLC of Industrial Shields 

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Discover the new ESP32 PLC 14 from Industrial Shields
Marta Vila Fernandez February 1, 2024
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