Digital Transformation of Industrial Automation

Automation and Manufacturing process
April 30, 2019 by
Digital Transformation of Industrial Automation

The digital transformation is already part of the manufacturing process. The machine learning and AI Applications will become more and more important in this field. The impact of these new technologies will move from R&D labs to the real world, analyzing the result of this new solutions on the field.
There are new technologies that are moving from labs to factories, like blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and will be more present in our industries.

There are companies that will use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze and predict machine health, inspect and perform maintenance using Reality technologies and by looking at the full lifecycle of raw materials, identify the origin of defective parts.

The Industrial Internet of Things will change the current picture of the maintenance, moving from the current status, to the predictive. This change will impact in several ways, not only in maintenance and risks costs, but also in the quality and the waste of time due to downtimes. Together with the maintenance, the IIoT will affect also in the whole manufacturing cycle, optimizing the inventory management and supply chain.

In the industry, connected products are growing day by day; this will facilitate the accuracy of the predictions failures before they happen and prevent these failures, known as negative latency. The better we know the lifecycle products and services, the better planning and managing we will have, affecting the whole production lifecycle.

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Digital Transformation of Industrial Automation
ADMIN April 30, 2019
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