Monitoring with Industrial Arduino based PLC 

Get the relevant data in your automation installation or project

Monitoring Key Information

The manufacturers of extruded aluminum depend to a great extent on the automated systems that keep their extrusion lines in motion and maintain a high level of production quality.

The raw aluminum must be introduced into the extrusion mold at a constant speed, the extrusion process must be performed at a correct speed and maintain the appropriate parameters to ensure that the aluminum can be extruded without problems. The extrusions leave the matrix, which is why they must be inspected to detect defects and maintain quality.

To keep the extrusion lines running smoothly, automated manufacturing management systems can be used to monitor all the variables that contribute to a quality product. An installation of the correct elements that monitor key information during the process, allows operators in the line to have a view of the process in real time and anticipate incidents that may occur.

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Improve your efficiency

Systems for aluminum extrusion incorporate, increasingly, electronic systems to ensure optimal process quality. Extruder manufacturers are improving their control panels by replacing HMI with industrial computers. The Panel PC allows to perform traditional functions (PLC connectivity, user screens, alarms) while opening the door to new functions that are required.

· Review key performance indicators such as OEE or generate graphs to improve efficiency in the line. The analysis of these data allows to evaluate how effective are the changes in the manufacturing system.

. Web for remote access: when using the web server, users can see the use of the extrusion equipment and the history of the web browser on their desktop PC. Those responsible outside the plant can access the data of the lines and talk with the workers in the plant.

· Industrial workflows can be integrated into the Panel PC. These workflows provide to the operators with digital work instruction in SOP and also provide a method for alarm responses and corrective actions. When there is a critical alarm, a workflow can be set up that instructs the operator, indicating what to do to correct the problem and resume normal processes.

· Change management protects your process by ensuring that the system receives notification of all changes and that each change is recorded, and with a follow-up to know what change was made and who carried it out.

Through the use of automata and Panel PC in the extrusion machines, a stricter control is obtained on the quality and efficiency of its production line.