Software available to program Industrial Shields Products

Arduino IDE is the Original platform to program arduino boards.

Arduino based PLCs use Original Arduino boards assembled inside all devices

  • 100% Free software licenses
  • Standard Libraries available.
  • Documentation and examples available ready to use.
graphic arduino program
graphic arduino program

Soapbox Snap is a graphic platform to program arduino based PLCs.

Free and Open Source platform to program Arduino boards and Arduino based PLCs

  • 100% Free software licenses.
  • Open Source PC Platform to program Arduino.
  • Online debugging aplication.
  • Ladder platform (It is not in fully in compliance with IEC61131-3).

OPC Server aplication to connect full family of PLC at network.

It is a free and easy to use and configure OPC server that allow you to connect your Arduino based PLC with any OPC Scada Compliant

  • 100% Free software licenses
  • Multi-devices.
  • Just use opc.h libraries.


scada hmi

RapidScada is a platform to monitoring and control an Installation automated through Industrial Shields products.

This is the most used Open Source SCADA platform.

  • 100% Free software licenses
  • Ready for Industrial and home automation systems.
  • Full functionality for free. No time limitations.
  • Web access.
  • Easy to learn.

Arduino PLC range

Arduino PLC with Ethernet

Panel PC range

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