Are you ready to expand your range of solutions?

If you want to gain competitiveness and business possibilities, an alliance with Industrial Shields gives us all that opportunity.

Industrial Shields ® Partner Alliance

Do you want more customers and better skills? 
Industrial Shields ® is a very proactive partner in the constant search and generation of new opportunities.

The range of clients with whom to create synergies will increase significantly by establishing an alliance.

On the other hand, the acquisition of new skills and specialization is key and very imporrant, saving on the economic burden of hiring a whole new team of collaborators.

Increase your product range without taking risks

Reduce your risk while expanding your product and service portfolio thanks to your partnership with Industrial Shields®.

Add to your product portfolio a large number of solutions that also come with the experience of the relationship with our customers in all types of projects, markets and many countries.

This flexibility, experience and diversification of projects add to the mutual know-how for the benefit of the project, and more importantly, the client. 

Industrial Shields ® Range

New Solutions

You will be aware of new market needs, with corresponding new solutions.

New Leads and Opportunities

Our Partnership will give you new leads to follow.

New Customers

Working together to solve customer needs, they will become new loyal customers.

New Abilities

You will gain new knowledge and experience and expand existing ones by learning about new solutions and alternatives.

New Products

A whole new product portfolio will be available and ready for you, and thus for your clients.

New Territories

With our alliance we will cover more area and in a better way.

Technical Support

Our Technical Staff will be at your disposal to help you in the requirements, configuration, installation and during the after sales process.

Shared Documentation

All our technical documentation will be available to you in your cloud partner space. This will be very helpful to understand the products and support your customers.

R&D Department

The R&D staff is regularly in contact with the sales and technical department, helping to analyze the changing needs of cutomers, with a 360º vision.

5 Star Rate

Improve your company's presence in the market

Diversify, expand technology, improve your positioning

With this kind of alliance, your ability to carry out projects in multiple markets will add reputation and credibility by improving your company's positioning.

Diversification of products and services, access to new technologies and an R&D department, are also great assets that arise when forming a collaboration with Industrial Shields ®.

All types of custom solutions

All types of customized solutions 

The partners we work with have the goal of implementing all types of solutions, in multiple sectors and with high standards of quality and efficiency.

Multidisciplinary and updated teams

Multidisciplinary and updated teams 

The profile of the human capital that develops the projects with clients can face all kinds of challenges thanks to their levels of commitment, quality and professionalism, and also thanks to the fact that they always have the support of our Technical Support Department and the R+D Department.

Focused on industrial sectors

Focused on industrial sectors 

A high degree of specialization is increasingly required to successfully develop all types of projects.

The experience of our partners and their teams ensures that they can carry out multiple projects in the most disparate sectors.

Double savings

Double savings 

Open Source based hardware offers very competitive costs and, in turn, a non-existent cost in terms of programming licenses.

If we add tp this the fact that Industrial Shields ® products have industrial certifications, investment in drivers or HMIs, we are talking about a safe bet.

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