Energy Efficiency

Improve the Monitoring and Control of Solar, Windmill, or others energy systems by using Open Source Hardware based Solutions. Industrial Controllers and Panel PCs

How to get the most out of solar panels?

Solar panels are a key element in obtaining sustainable energy. Optimal performance is also crucial in this type of installation.
This can be achieved through proper monitoring of the installation as a whole, and of each one of the panels that compose it, individually.


In a world where most energy production comes from non-renewable resources, people are trying to find efficient and price-effective ways to use renewable energy. 

Monitoring your solar installation will allow you to: 

  • know the current status of the weather conditions and the position of the photovoltaic panels at all times

  • produce the necessary and extra energy

  • have a good system viability and reliability, and a long lifetime of your controllers

  • know the amount of energy and other data at any time and send this information to the cloud or to the selected monitoring system

  • reduce the maintenance costs.

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The aim is generate more energy by chasing the sun, which is a moving target. Solar panels operating by automatic control systems can generate up to 30 % more energy than static panels.

Energy Efficiency


The Industrial Shields equipment is going to control the AC motors connected to the photovoltaic panels, so they can take advantage of the weather conditions and produce as much solar energy as possible. 

Benefits of the Energy Efficiency


Solar panels that can follow the path of the sun can increase their energy production close to 35% compared to fixed installations.

As a result of the improved efficiency, increased investments can be offset much quicker and paybacks can be achieved sooner.

 Faster payback

Solar Panel Scheme

With this installation it is possible to control the panel motors and monitor the generated energy.

Solar Panel Scheme

Why Industrial Shields?

Most Important Customer Benefits

Industrial Shields won this project and beat its major competitor thanks to:

Open solution:
No license fees.

Modular solution:
In the future, the project can be extended based on the client's needs.

Technical support:

Our technical team is available to help you via phone, mail or WhatsApp*.

Equipment designed and manufactured for industrial use at a competitive price.

Industrial Shields ®

Improving Street Light monitoring and control

Knowing the state of street lighting and being able to control it remotely are very useful functionalities, with great benefits and savings

In this project, several goals had to be achieved.

By Monitoring the installation and analyzing the information, significant savings and benefits can occur:

  • prevention energy leaks

  • consumption optimisation

  • light pollution prevention

  • implementation of preventive maintenance

  • implementation of predictive maintenance

  • adjustment operators' routes in case of failures or emergencies

Remote control of the installation ensures the best performance and functionality.

Either automatically or manually from a remote centre, the control for switching ON and OFF is key to the operation of the installation and to ensure the best service to the pedestrians and/or vehicles.

With a good planning and execution it is possible to control each element separately or groups of lamppost (by quantity, street, area...).
By doing this it is possible to foresee:

  • excess consumption
  • major breakdowns
  • to save a significant amount of money
  • reduce carbon footprint by reducing wasted energy

Smart Light Controller

Cabinet details

Solar Panel Scheme

Brief overview of the hardware solution

Electrical cabinet with all the components of the complete solution, wired and identified, to facilitate the technician's configuration and maintenance tasks. 

 Ready for a fast on-site assembly and commissioning

A current analyzer is also required to measure the voltage and intensity in each of the lines that it's activated. 

One Smart Light Controller can take care of up to 1500 luminaires.

Energy Efficiency
Modbus Smart Lighr Controller


Communication between the controller with GPRS and the network analyzer will be via Modbus RTU over Ethernet.

The Smart Light Controller will also be connected to the power control of each one of these lines. This control usually consists of a relay that opens or closes the power supply of the corresponding zones.

Using the GPRS included in the SLC, a protocol to communicate with the server has been created . "Java" has been used to implement the control and configuration functions, 

Complex installations with simple solutions?

In biogas plants or refineries, it is necessary to have eyes, ears, nose and hands in multiple places at the same time.

The very need for safety in this type of plant makes it essential to install a large number and type of sensors.

The existence of multiple elements of a very diverse nature to be monitored makes it difficult to integrate global solutions.

To tackle a project of this type, costs soar, as the diversity itself makes it difficult to adopt standards that communicate easily with each other. Both on the control side and on the monitoring side.

Energy Efficiency


The customer's objective is to centrally manage and monitor all steps of the biogas creation method.
This will involve the following actions:

  • Implementation of the control system and the plant automation.

  • Installation of screens for local control and management of the machines.

  • Implementation of sending data to the cloud.


Another important aspect is the local machine management display control.
The customer has implemented: 

  • monitoring of their plant situation in real time

  • control over the different operations

  • visualization of certain alarms and sensor/actuator history

  • configuration of all available parameters

  • definition of a hierarchy with respect to all possible users of the system

Energy Efficiency

By being able to realize a complex installation of sensors connected to a few devices, the installation has been simplified.
Costs has been reduced in the short, medium and long term.

With fewer elements, the easier and quicker it is to configure, maintain and manage.

The customer's goal was to have an automated and secure installation. Likewise, the entire visualization and control part outside of the automated processes was also key to making the biogas plant productive, safe, and at the same time easy to control and measure. Information is displayed on Industrial Shields HMI, which stand out for:

  • Monitoring all kinds of data, such as the plant status in real time
  • Displaying certain alarms and sensors history
  • Configuring all available parameters
  • Processing large data packets due to their high capacities
  • Working in many different standard protocols.

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