Industry 4.0 with Arduino 

Intelligence Applied

Increase productivity and efficiency

The Industry 4.0 era is already in our lives. To increase productivity and efficiency, industrial manufacturing companies are challenged to achieve their objectives by working on the production of intelligent production plants and intelligent production systems.

Thanks to the Industrial Shields devices, you can start weaving the necessary network to be able to equip your plants and production lines with intelligence. Through a series of milestones in your project you will improve your systems and optimize your processes. Initially, the different elements that are part of the plant and the production line must be connected.

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Improve your ROI

Once done, you can obtain the necessary data and have visibility of them to start the analysis and decision making. In later phases, we must begin to implement the correction and improvement factors, in parallel with the continuous acquisition of data that will allow the continuous improvement mode, but based on real-time monitoring of the key elements that are part of its installation.

You can focus your attention on the most relevant parts, be it cost of production, time, energy consumption, etc. Good strategy planning is the key to getting the most out of it through the right investment.