Automating HVAC with Industrial Arduino PLC

Everything flows

Being more sustainable

Nowadays it is planned and built with a sustainable energy consumption in mind, in the correct and optimum flow of air, filters; in which way you can cool or heat a building, a certain area, or how to maintain healthy environments in terms of air quality.

If we talk about sectors such as electronics or pharmaceutics, where HVAC is even more critical, an automated solution that allows a detailed monitoring and even a control that can be decentralized, alarms, etc. they are indispensable pieces at the moment of the construction of a new installation or building.



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Monitoring and Control

The M-Duino or Ardbox industrial PLC's are equipment that allows automation of HVAC installations, both in the monitoring phase, the control part, etc. Thanks to the multiple communication protocols, you can configure the sensor part, which will allow real-time monitoring of key values, whether they are temperatures (indoor or outdoor), humidity, dust levels, etc.

Likewise, the connection of the equipment to the cloud will allow visible monitoring solutions from multiple devices, to avoid incidents if undesirable or critical values ​​are produced.

There are also many actions, retrofit type, designed to adapt facilities to optimize them and rationalize consumption, monitor key values ​​and even incorporate control systems. These actions can represent an important investment depending on how severe are the changes to be made, therefore, equipment with a competitive cost, and not having the license cost, either short or medium-long term, will allow a saving in the final investment.