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TouchBerry PI 10.1" (4GB) Screen Flickering

Keith Hallman

The question has been closed for reason: not relevant or out dated

Bernat Brunet Pedra
on 05/07/2023 03:30:30


I am trying to use this is my development, but my (only) problem comes from the fact the screen keeps flickering the backlight. It's not nearly as bad as I have seen when an inferior power supply is paired with an HMI. I wouldn't even call it a full flicker, it's more like a flutter. 

What is the recommended supply for this unit, to perform optimally? I have tried giving it 24V on a regulated lab supply, as well as a 12V/3A capable switching supply. Both displayed the exact same symptoms. What I am asking it to do, isn't that intensive and I would love to fix this. Else, I'll have to find a different Linux HMI. 

I tried dropping the res and increasing the refresh, but it didn't change it at all. 

Thanks for any advice.