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Industrial Shields for real world applications

James Staud

I'm new to this PLC platform however I am very familiar with arduino. I trust the arduino architecture and it's reliability and after watching the video linked below of this guy combing through all the components used in the build, I am confident in the quality. My main concerns are the following:

- Longevity of the company (in other words, are there any larger companies using this product? How long has the company been around? Can I trust that I will be able to source these parts in the future?)

- Product stability (How often do you make updates to the hardware? How has the product been tested?)

Thank you, I appreciate any response.

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Hello James, Thank you for the nice words.

In order to answer your question, we are a rapidly growing company which has been created in 2012 with the goal of becoming the largest developer and producer of open source hardware electronics based industrial automation electronics. At this moment we have already reached the goal by selling our Arduino based PLC’s in more that 160 countries around the world. Also to say that we are still growing and we have a very stable future forecast and be sure that you can get our devices in the future.

As for the hardware updates, what we have done is improve the equipment, adding more communications, for example, apart from adding models to our families based on the demand received from our clients, for example the MDuino 54 ARA, which is a team of 3 combined layers, two analog and one with relay outputs. Besides we have in development another new range of PLCs based on Raspberry that you will see soon.

The testing of the products has been done following the norms of the certifications ETL, CE documents including RoHS for industrial enviroments 

Thank your for your interest,

Best regards.