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How to use Vstone joystick with Industrial Shields of Arduino


I got [Industrial Shields Arduino HF ARDBOX Analog 20 I/Os PLC].

And I would like to use the joystick of [Vstone VS-C3] with this shield. 

When I used a joystick and arduino before, when I was using arduino uno the pin assignments were SEL10, CLK11, DAT12, CLK13. 

But when using this industrial shield, I don't know how to wire the pins.

 I would like to know which pins of the industrial shield should be assigned the joystick wiring SEL, CLK, DAT, and CLK. 

Also, it would be helpful if you could give me a simple program example.  

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Hello Kaneko,

You can use the following pins, which are directly connected to the Arduino Leonardo inside the PLC:

  • SEL:  SCL (Arduino pin 3)
  • CLK: SCK (Arduino pin 15)
  • DAT: MISO (Arduino pin 14)
  • CLK: MOSI (Arduino pin 16)

For the pin 3, you will need to configure one DIP switch: check that switch 1 is set to OFF in order to select SCL/Pin3.

Regarding the code, we do not have a specific program, since we have not used this controller before. However, since you say you have used it before with an Arduino, the same program should work with the PLC once the pinout connections have been adapted.

Let us know if you have more doubts!