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Raspberry PLC setup issue


I have a Raspberry PLC 50RRA that I am connecting to for the first time from my Mac over ethernet.  I've successfully pinged the PLC, but when I try to establish an ssh connection for the first time as outlined in the user guide, I get the following error in the terminal window: port 22: Connection refused.  I've checked my Mac firewall settings, and there isn't an issue with the firewall there.  Other things I've found online suggest this response is due to ssh not being enabled on the Pi.  I'm not sure how to resolve the problem.  As a side note, I am an extremely novice coder.

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Dear Chris,

As you said, this error happens when the SSH server in your PLC is not listening to external connections (or is not on). One way to enable SSH was when installing the new image to the SD card, through the options menu of the Pi Imager.

Now that the image is installed, the easiest way to enable SSH is configuring the PLC through the terminal. Connect the PLC with the micro HDMI connector to a monitor or TV, and log in with your user:

  1. Run "sudo raspi-config"
  2. Use the arrows on your keyboard to select Interfacing Options.
  3. Select the P2 SSH option on the list.
  4. Select on the "Would you like the SSH server to be enabled?" prompt.
  5. Hit Enter on the "The SSH server is enabled" confirmation box.
  6. Navigate down and select Finish to close "raspi-config".