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MDuino 58+ use of mixed Analog/Digital inpiut pins

Guillaume Granelli


I'm using a MDuino 58+ device piloted by a Labview programm through the Linx interface.

The process of reading/writing DIOs is working like a charm for pure DIs and DOs.

However, I need to use all MDuino inputs as Digital Inputs.

That implies that some DIs (eg. pin A7 (61)) must be used in Digital and not in Analog mode.

It seems that at the start of communication Linx<>Arduino, The arduino sends its listing of I/Os depending on MDuino model.

In that listing, the mixed DI/AI are marked as AI only and blocked the use of the pin for Digital Input.

We had to modify the base layers of Linx interface to match pins to digital mode but it's not a "clean" manner from my point of you ?

Has someone already faced that issue ? If it's the case how was it solve ?

With my best regards