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ESP32 PLC 19R - Problem with outputs


I am trying to test the digital outputs on a ESP 32 PLC 19R. I have read the documentation and seen several examples where all define the outputs like this:

pinMode(Q0_0, OUTPUT);

I have also tride many other combinations like: Q0.0, Q00 etc. but I always get an error saying:

Compilation error: 'Q0_0' was not declared in this scope

or something similar.

I am running the code with the following setting:

ESP32 PLC family on COM3 on a PC

Can anyone help me with a solution or som sample code? :-)

UPDATE: Problem solved

The problem was caused by wrong selected board. I had to choose the right model: ESP32 PLC 19R IO+

...but that was not all!

Version 2.1.2 of industrialshields-esp34-boardpackage was alså a problem. I rolled back to versjon 2.0.7 and everything was fine. :-)