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10V PWM on Q0.6

Natan Naert
en 3/12/20 7:55 193 vistas


I am having trouble programming a 10V pwm signal on output Q0.6. According to the datasheet a pwm signal between 5v and 24V should be possible (24V supply is used). How do I code that the amplitude should be 10V. Can somebody maybe help me with the code? Thanks in advance.

Currently I have this:

int PWMPin = 3;     // set output pin 

void setup() {


     pinMode(PWMPin, OUTPUT);


void loop() {

     // send the square wave signal to the LED:

     analogWrite(PWMPin, 255); // 255 for 100%dutycycle


Industrial Shields Forum user

Guillem Cura Marti

--Guillem Cura Marti--

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Sant Fruitós de Bages, España
--Guillem Cura Marti--
Guillem Cura Marti
En 17/12/20 6:05


First of all make sure to have installed the Industrial Shields boards to correctly work with our industrial PLC's. On the following link you can check how to set up all the initial configurations. 

For having a 10V pwm output signal on your PLC you have to connect a 10Vdc power supply on the Digital/PWM outputs. Our digital outputs are opto-isolated, meaning that an external voltage must be set on them.

After saying that, connect a 10Vdc power supply voltage on the input QVdc (above Qx_x) and also connect the common Ground. Any hardware modification must be done. 

On the following blog, there is all the information about working with our PLC's outputs fully explained.

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