Develop your SCADA application with Open Source Hardware

Develop your SCADA application with Open Source Hardware

From Industrial Shields, we want to help you to program your M-Duino device.

Therefore, we offer you a tool like Node-Red, ready to link and configure directly with your hardware.

Make your M-Duino the perfect tool for monitoring your application.

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Program quickly and easily using nodes

Coding is cool. "Noding" too. 

Node-Red is based on the use of nodes. Nodes are blocks that represent physical devices such as a sensor, motor or relay, or operations that are performed during the execution of the code, such as adding, comparing or concatenating text.

Each node has:

✔ ️ one or more entries that accept values for processing and 

✔ ️ outputs that return results. 

Creating the link from an output to an input creates a path for the data, allowing one node to feed values to another. Use this simple but powerful principle to define what the program does.

On the other hand, you also have a platform to monitor inputs and outputs, communications and the history of each input and output.

Program quickly and easily using nodes

Ask us for your user data and code link to connect to the platform.

You will receive your user, password and unique URL and code for your PLC.

Node-RED resources to help you creating your SCADA

Node-RED library

Node-RED offers an extensive library of documentation to learn or improve the use of the platform.

The material is organized in a very didactic way to be able to advance quickly in the use of this tool.

Node-RED YouTube Channel

In addition, in its Youtube channel you will find dozens of videos to improve your knowledge of Node-RED.

All this material will allow you to acquire the necessary training to program your PLC, quickly and economically.

Youtube Channel

Node-RED Community

You can also count on all the community that is already using the tool and actively participating in: 

✔ ️ social networks,

✔ ️ GitHUB (, 

✔ ️ the Node-RED forum ( and 

✔ ️ the articles that are published in the official blog or others.

Remember that you can join our Node-RED course for Free!

Start programming your Arduino PLC with an Open Source platform.

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