Wire Electrode Residual Analyzer with Touchberry 10” Panel PC

Solution based on Raspberry Pi board

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Panel PC for Wire Electrode residual analyzers

Industrial Control with an Industrial Panel PC Touch Screen  

In welding, it is essential to know the surface condition of the wire electrodes used. They can deteriorate over time; wire feeding systems can become contaminated during storage or transport, affecting the quality of the weld.  

Although it is difficult in practice, assessing the surface condition and therefore knowing the condition of the electrode are very important for a reliable and good welding process. So one of our customers has developed a solution for this.


MIGAL.CO  is a German manufacturer of high-quality filler metals for MIG and TIG welding. Founded in January 2000 with headquarters in Landau / Isar, Bavaria. MIGAL.CO is present in all world markets.

Company's goal

To develop a flexible and adaptable SMKY 2 Residual analyzer, without paying licensing fees of any kind.

Why Industrial Shields?

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Open Source Industrial Shields

Open Solution

The customer is the owner of the whole application, because he knows the code used.

Wide range of products Industrial Shields

Wide range of products

(PLCs, Panel PCs and OpenMotes) to cover all customer needs.

24/7 technical support Industrial Shields

24/7 technical support

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