How industrial PLC can revolutionise geothermal energy​

Monitoring and automation improve plant efficiency

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Most important benefits of automating geothermal plants

Implementing an automated system in a geothermal plant offers several significant advantages.

These advantages include:

  • Saving of energy by responding quickly to changes in climate and function.
  • Integration of IoT capabilities for remote monitoring and control.
  • Faster collection and analysis of large-scale data.
  • Reduction in downtime and extension of equipment life.

These key advantages make the plant more efficient and sustainable.

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Big benefits of automating geothermal plants

Most common issues in geothermal plants

Technical Challenges

High-pressure, high temperature environment and the unique characteristics of geothermal resources require specialised technical solutions.


Investing in research and development to implement industrial controllers like the Arduino based PLC range. These industrial controllers, combined with appropriate sensors, enable comprehensive process control and monitoring systems.

Equipment maintenance

High temperature and high pressure conditions can lead to rapid wear of mechanical parts.


Controllers such as the Arduino PLC can be part of predictive and preventive maintenance programmes that help protect the hardware in these harsh conditions.

Policy regulations

Energy policies and regulations can be difficult to comply with. 


Controlling energy consumption and other factors that need to comply with a regulation will help to enforce these policies.

Grid integration

Managing the integration and consistent delivery of geothermal energy into the power grid can be complex, especially with fluctuating energy demand.


Improving energy control and storing to manage variability and ensure efficient grid integration.

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Arduino based PLC

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Industry ready hardware
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Arduino based PLC
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M-Duino - The huge benefits of automate geothermal plants

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