How to protect your establishment with Arduino automation

Keep Coronavirus away and get a safe public local with an Arduino PLC industrial controller ­čĹç

Industrial Arduino for a Safe Establishment

We are facing an exceptional situation due to the COVID-19 crisis. The government has approved some measures in relation to small businesses, which have to respect the limitations imposed about social distancing and hygiene. We have thought of an effective and low-cost solution that drastically reduces the risk of contagion from your business and also complies with current regulations.

In this way, your customers will have a certain security to go to your store feeling comfortable when buying or requesting a service.

Safe stablishment


The idea is to have control over the people that enter your shop, which allows you to:

  • Know the capacity of the facility at any given time.
  • In addition, to taking each customer's temperature to ensure that they are not infected.

Another function of this system is to sanitize the room using ozone. This process can be done during lunchtime and at night to ensure a clean and disinfected store.

It is important to say that ozone is one of the compounds with the highest oxidation capacity, much higher than chlorine, which means that it has a higher biocide efficiency, so we can ensure 100 % disinfection.

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