How to Achieve Energy Efficiency and Control in Railway Wagons

M-Duino GPRS Monitors and Optimises Energy Consumption in Real Time

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Smart Energy Efficiency and Control Solutions for Railway Wagons

In the railway context, energy efficiency is of utmost importance, both from an economic and environmental perspective. Therefore, the control of energy consumption in train carriages becomes a fundamental aspect. 

Industrial Shields' M-Duino GPRS family PLCs offer an advanced control platform that allows not only to manage the lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, temperature and humidity of the wagons, but also to monitor and optimise energy consumption in real time.


The customer manages a railway network, and its main objective is to implement a control and monitoring system for the company's train carriages

In order to ensure the safety, efficiency and comfort of passengers and staff on board, the client has decided to implement a device to monitor the following parameters:



Air conditioning





The core of this railway wagons control and energy efficiency system is an Arduino industrial controller with GPRS. Apart from having 26 inputs and 25 outputs —digital, analogue and relay—, the customer has chosen an M-DUINO 54ARA PLC because it has an integrated GPRS module that allows wireless communication with other devices.

The control system is possible by connecting three types of sensors to the PLC:

  • A light sensor, which measures the ambient light levels in the train carriages.  In this way, the PLC controls the opening or closing of the light circuit, which enables it to regulate the light circuit, allowing the lighting to be dimmed as required according to need.
  • A temperature and humidity sensor, which constantly monitors the values inside the carriages. When these values are outside the established ranges, the PLC activates the corresponding ventilation and/or air conditioning systems.
  • A voltage sensor which, connected to the industrial PLC, measures the energy consumption of the wagons and sends the data to a control unit. In the event of loss of coverage, the information is stored on the controller's SD card until the connection is restored, at which point the information is sent automatically.

Benefits of Energy Efficency and Control System with Arduino PLC Industrial Controller

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Through the control system, the customer can monitor and supervise the energy consumption of the train carriages, and find ways to improve and reduce it.

Cost savings

Cost savings

By optimising energy consumption, the customer can reduce the costs related to electricity and resources used to maintain lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.

Increased comfort

Increased comfort

Controlling temperature, humidity or lighting helps to maintain a suitable environment. This ensures more comfort for passengers, and improves their travel experience and overall perception of the quality of service.

Improved safety

Improved safety

The centralised control system makes it possible to quickly detect and respond to emergency situations or anomalies in the train carriages. In the event of a dangerous temperature rise or a lighting problem, the system can automatically start ventilation systems or alert maintenance staff to take action.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

Thanks to the continuous monitoring of key parameters in the train carriages, it is possible to detect problems or failures in the lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, etc. systems. The customer can perform preventive maintenance by scheduling interventions before serious failures occur, reducing downtime and repair costs.

Efficient management

Efficient management

 The ability to centrally control and monitor rail car parameters gives the customer more control over their rail network. This allows them to plan and schedule maintenance activities, as well as make informed decisions to improve overall operational efficiency.

Industrial Shields advantages

Why Industrial Shields?

Industrial Shields stands out from its main competitors thanks to the following points:

  • Open solution. No licence fees.
  • Modular solution. Product specifications can be extended in the future.
  • Technical support. Our team is at your disposal to help you from the first contact, during the installation phase and up to after-sales. 
  • Equipment designed and manufactured for industrial use at a competitive price.

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