Discover how to Monitor Pharmacological Culture with Arduino Industrial Controllers

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The molecule and drug development sector needs to maintain specific environmental conditions in storage rooms to ensure product quality and efficacy. To achieve this, a climate monitoring system can be used to measure and record certain key parameters in real time.

In this case study, the M-Duino Arduino PLC 58+ controller is used as the hardware solution for monitoring.


The monitoring system is implemented with specific sensors suitable for use in clean room environments and several M-Duino Arduino PLC 58+. Data visualisation is possible thanks to the installation of medicalised Touch Screens.

The sensor reading programming is done with the open-source Arduino IDE software.

Scripts for Monitoring with Arduino Controllers
Node-Red programing for Pharmacological Culture Monitoring with Arduino Controllers

The visualisation and analysis of the data is carried out using an application with Node-RED. There are also several warning and alarm systems depending on the parameters required for each batch or product.

Implementation using the Arduino PLC

The company has six rooms dedicated to different types of cultures and research. The following indicators are prepared for measurement:

Monitoring Temperature with Arduino Controllers


This is one of the critical factors in the storage and culture processes. Temperature thresholds must be ensured to remain stable so as not to interfere with the study and to avoid discarding entire batches.

Monitoring Moisture with Arduino Controllers


This is another key indicator to monitor during the process of the vast majority of tests.

Monitoring CO2 with Arduino Controllers


Carbon dioxide is a gas that can significantly affect this type of process. It differs from the two previous ones because the equipment to keep this indicator within the appropriate thresholds is usually very expensive; therefore, it is key that the monitoring process is fast and reliable. It is also an indicator that is very unlikely to be altered.

Monitoring Lighting with Arduino Controllers


Lighting, which has been taken into account here, may or may not be present in some culture and/or storage processes. Sometimes special conditions have to be enforced, so the systems involved here are also specialised solutions.

Monitoring Atmospheric Pressure with Arduino Controllers


During the culture processes, small batches are usually worked with; for this reason, the samples are kept in small spaces and are not usually affected by these indicators. In this case, the atmospheric pressure sensor has been installed in order to have a sample and observe if it can affect the batches we are working with and, at the same time, have the installation ready for the future.

Results of the monitoring solution

The implementation of the monitoring system with Node-RED, allows real-time measurement and recording of key environmental parameters that are critical for the proper growth and storage of assays in the laboratory. 

Pharmacological Culture Monitoring With Arduino Industrial Controllers
The implementation of the monitoring system allows real-time measurement and recording of key environmental parameters that are critical for the proper growth and storage of assays in the laboratory.

In summary, the implementation of a climate monitoring system using industrial controllers such as the M-Duino, and specific sensors for each key indicator, enables accurate and reliable monitoring of the required environmental parameters in storage rooms, which can improve the quality and efficiency of products and prevent unnecessary losses.

Cultures of this type involve a large investment in resources, both material and human, so it is very important that all the actors involved in the process ensure maximum quality.
Pharmacological Culture Monitoring With Arduino Industrial Controllers

Benefits of pharmacological culture monitoring

Real-time monitoring

The system provides real-time information on the production process, allowing production managers to make immediate decisions.

Data visualization and analysis

The system visualizes and analyzes the data and issues a series of warnings and alarms according to the parameters established for each batch or product.

Error reduction

Automation of the monitoring process reduces the possibility of human error and improves the accuracy of the data collected.

Improved efficiency

By having real-time information, the company can identify areas that need improvement and optimize the production process, which can lead to improved efficiency.

Increased product quality

The ability to monitor and track the process can improve the quality of the final product and reduce the risk of defective or contaminated products.

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