Climate Change study with Industrial Arduino PLC

Monitoring the effects of the climate change

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Monitoring multiple sensors with industrial PLC controller Arduino

The study of  polar ecosystems  helps to understand alterations in  climate change.  One of the ways to analyse the environment under controlled conditions is through mesocosms or outdoor  experimental systems. 

In the following Success Story, you will see how our customer installed  12 mesocosms  in the town of New Ålesund — on the island of  Svalbard (Norway) — to monitor changes at the North Pole.

Global climate crisis-Climate Change with Industrial Automation and PLC Arduino


FACE-IT Arctic Biodiversity and Livelhoods - Monitoring the effects of climate change

The rapid disappearance of sea ice is a clear indicator of the global climate crisis. Glacial fronts and sea-ice systems are hotspots of biodiversity. Their evaporation will threaten Arctic coastal ecosystem function and ultimately local livelihoods. 

The overall objective of  FACE-IT  is to enable adaptive co-management of  social-ecological fjord systems  in the Arctic in the face of rapid changes in the cryosphere and biodiversity.

Island of Svalbard (Norway) - Monitoring the effects of climate change


Our customer's goal is to study the effects of global warming, such as:

in water


in salinity

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