Greenhouse Automation with Industrial Arduino Controller & Raspberry Pi Panel PC

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IOT Greenhouse with PLC Arduino

Summary of the Raspberry Pi and Arduino greenhouse project

Data acquisition. Collect data from different sensors.

This time, we will see how the client has used Open Mote in a greenhouse to collect data obtained from different sensors. Also, how to transmit that data to a Panel PC, which will monitor the data, and send it to the PLC Arduino to automate the operation of the actuators.

In this case study, a secure and useful solution is presented to automate and monitor the care of a greenhouse with the use of Open Mote, a device designed for IoT uses. This IOT Mote incorporates digital and analog inputs for reading sensors.

One of the great advantages that offer is the high autonomy of this device (less than 50╬╝A of consumption).

Using the 2.4GHz antenna, we can communicate wirelessly by radio using the free Contiki software.

What is achieved using this system is wireless communication between the sensors and the terminal where the data is managed. Thus, being able to conveniently locate all the Open Mote beacons throughout the greenhouse and centralize all the information in a single Open Mote that acts as a gateway.

Open Mote also allows direct connection to our range of Panel PCs and, in this way, it is easy to monitor the data.

The Arduino PLC is a great solution to control the elements of the Greenhouse 

With the Panel PC and the automated elements, the controller works in all the necessary actuators to maintain the installation in proper conditions.

TouchBerry Panel PC for monitoring the data

All the elements of the installation and the needed values can be monitored with the Panel PC.

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