Greenhouse Automation with industrial Arduino PLC

Monitor and Control the humidity, the ventilation, the CO2 level and the luminosity

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About the customer

Our customer, in charge of the management of a greenhouse, was looking for an open source solution to implement all the desired technical specifications, with unlimited options, something difficult to achieve with a turnkey solution.

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Greenhouse Automation

Most important Goals of the Greenhouse Automation


Monitor and control Humidity

The relative humidity is monitored at the climate station inside the greenhouse and acts on the operation of fog systems or cooling systems.


Ensure the best Ventilation

Without proper ventilation in a crop, there would be areas with temperature and humidity differences, causing a decrease in the production of the harvest.

C02 level

Maintain and monitor the C02 level

It controls CO2 application systems, based on measurements of the content inside the greenhouse.


Control the Luminosity of the Greenhouse

By controlling the lighting, burns on plant leaves are avoided.

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