ESP32 PLC for smart fluid monitoring during transport and storage

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Smart fluid monitoring system

Intelligent fluid monitoring system

Intelligent fluid monitoring is essential to ensure the safety and quality of liquids and gases during transport and storage. Fluids are controlled by automatic systems to maintain optimal conditions and thus detect and prevent deviations and problems, such as contamination and deterioration.

In this case study, a control and monitoring system is implemented during transport and storage.


The main objective of monitoring and controlling fluids during transport and storage is to guarantee safety and quality by detecting incidents and applying preventive or corrective measures

It also aims to maintain quality to ensure the efficiency of the fluids in the processes and applications in which they are used. In addition, control allows optimisation of transport and storage, reducing costs and improving process performance.

During the process, several parameters are monitored. These include:


is monitored to ensure that the fluid is being transported and stored under safe and optimal conditions.


is monitored to prevent the fluid from being exposed to extreme temperatures that may affect its properties and quality.


is monitored to ensure that the fluid is being transported and stored at the correct volume and to prevent overflows or shortages.


is monitored to ensure that the fluid is meeting the required standards and specifications.

Chemical composition

is monitored to prevent any contamination or alteration of the fluid, which may affect its properties and quality.


The monitoring system is implemented by means of an ESP32 PLC industrial controller and specific sensors. Mettler Toledo amperometric sensors, Pt100 TCM2 temperature sensors, and other specific sensors (compression, viscosity, etc.) are used depending on the fluids to be transported. Some are connected via common interfaces or analogue/digital inputs.

The PLC is programmed to read and send the data to a monitoring system incorporated in the conveyor, where it is displayed on a dashboard with different data screens. Notifications are also programmed to inform of the status of the fluid. Some are recurrent, and others are alerts if a key indicator suffers an unexpected or alarming variation.

Fluid monitoring with an ESP32 controller allows accurate monitoring of fluid transport and storage, ensuring that the process is efficient and safe.

Industrial controller ESP32 PLC

Advantages and benefits of implementing an ESP32 PLC for fluid monitoring

Accurate monitoring

Accurate monitoring

Reading and processing data with specific sensors enables accurate monitoring of the fluid status, increasing safety and reducing the risk of errors.



The ESP32 PLC can connect to a wide variety of devices and systems, allowing for easier integration with other elements of the solution.



Thanks to open source programming, code can be easily customised for optimal monitoring.



By monitoring, problems and potential risk situations can be detected in real time, which increases transport safety.

Dual core Dual power

Dual core
Dual power

Thanks to the dual core, processes and communications are managed separately, improving their capacity and speed.

Remote management

Remote management

The installation of PLCs enables remote management of both the transport process and the condition of goods.



Industrial Shields offers quality technology, guaranteed by verification systems and internal audits.

Easy programming

Easy programming

Industrial Shields PLCs can be programmed with the system that best suits the customer's needs. Most of them are free systems.

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